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Star Downloader Pro: the star among the rest

February 21, 2009

I’m on a state between sleep and consciousness, so forgive me if (or when) I will make or have made mistakes in this post. I just want to set things straight before I finally pass out. I still keep on testing different download managers, and I don’t know why. Somehow I’m hoping that my Internet speed will be boosted, even if I know that it won’t and it couldn’t. I tried an updated version of Download Accelerator Plus Premium again. It still gave me the same results: it couldn’t handle links from Rapidshare properly and failed to handle other URLs as well, so I uninstalled it again. For something that expensive, I had expected the program to perform a little better.

I also tried a program which supposedly upgraded the BitTorrent Protocol. It was known as Warez Pro. When I tried download with the program, however, it just hung up on me and ultimately froze. It was stupid, and I uninstalled it with full force. Among the week’s trials the only program I found worth enough to keep was Star Downloader Pro. I think it was last updated on 2004; nevertheless, it still remained a robust program and a good one at that. I don’t know why I’m so addicted to testing software once again; I thought I had gotten over this, but it seems like I haven’t.

Anyway I do hope people would try the program I helped figure out, even if the program is quite old: I’m talking about NetPumper v. 1.0 with Banner Killer, the program I featured the previous post. I hope I could get over this hump. I’m glad that I made this other blog, though, because I wanted to avoid further corrupting my anime blog with technological material such as this.

Updates may happen soon.


The best download managers: reflections

February 15, 2009

I was wondering whether I was going to post on my other blog or in here. I haven’t definitively decided (I’m still vacillating), but I decided to post here because the title of both the blog and the site reflect my obsessios: this obsession is merely a fool’s inebriation (with nostalgia); yet it is also a dissemination of meanings. Compared to The Crescent Moon, writing here seems more relevant.

It was purely by accident that I rediscovered the fun and beauty of download managers. After seeing a download for Download Accelerator Pro, I recalled the enjoyment I had in the past playing with those download managers. With that I recalled the different programs I tried in the past and sought once more to enjoy them and their capabilities as download boosters.

I first remembered NetPumper Pro. About three years ago I utilized the program to download on Anti-Leech sites, a proprietary technology by the same creators of NetPumper to prevent leechers. It was useful as a technology, but it rapidly became infamous because the plug-ins for Anti-Leech also were conductors of spyware and adware. At times, the price to pay for hassle-free anime downloading was simply too much until it came to a point where no one wanted to use Anti-Leech downloads any longer. It was also to the downfall of the software that the BitTorrent protocol rapidly came to rise and dominate the distribution scene.

I never forgot about how bad the program was and how its only redeeming factor was that it was able to download from Anti-Leech sites, but I also loved the program in a perverse way. Having remembered about it, I hastened to download it and use it. The Pro version was good, especially so despite its age, but what was astounding was the very first version of the free version: by this, I pertain to NetPumper v. 1.0. I tracked the different implementations of people to escape the bane of adware, and in crack sites I found there were three. One were cracks of older Pro versions; the two were patches and fixes to two NetPumper versions, and these were v. 1.0 and v.1.10.2.

The patch for v.1.10.2 worked, but it did not hinder the display of pop-under advertisements and Cydoor and WhenU were still installed. It did well to prevent the banners within the program itself, but it didn’t solve the rest of the adware problems. However, the patch for v. 1.0 totally worked: the banners were totally removed from the interior of the program, and with the deletion of four useless files spyware no longer was a problem: I’ve used the program for more than a week and I’ve yet to see a pop-under or any form of advertising from any site while using the program. While the Pro version was good because it performed despite its age, NetPumper v. 1.0 (with Banner Killer) worked like a charm. Despite being seven years old, it still worked well with my Internet connection and maximized my bandwidth.

This is not to say I haven’t tried other download managers: I have also tried Internet Download Accelerator, but from my first impressions it has performed quite badly. An average of 10 KB/s wasn’t what I expected in a download accelerator. Download Accelerator Plus Premium worked decently, and was able to fully utilize my connection, but it didn’t work well with Firefox (from my experience) and sometimes completely botched file downloading. DownThemAll worked very well, and downloaded files the most speedily and the most consistently, but I removed it because I sought to try Internet Download Accelerator. That seemed like a bad decision, and I will rectify that by reinstalling the program once more. (I was actually sucked in by Internet Download Accelerator because of its cute, violet-colored about page. That’s all. Don’t believe their 500% download boost, that’s bollocks.)

As it stands, DownThemAll is currently the best among all the download managers I’ve managed and tried, while NetPumper v. 1.0 with Banner Killer was the most unexpectedly stable and good. I’m going to keep both of them truly because they exceeded my initial expectations and are both free programs at that (!).

To utilize NetPumper v. 1.0 with Banner Killer without fear and reprehension, follow the instructions below.

NetPumper v. 1.0 with Banner Killer

Executable and Crack


1. Download the .zip archive from the link provided.
2. Open and install netpumper-1.0-setup.exe.
3. After installation to the folder selected (default folder is C:\Program Files\NetPumper), delete these files:


4. Extract BannerKill.exe (found in the archive as well) into the NetPumper folder, and open. (If you’re an administrator be sure to ‘run as administrator’ for the program to work.) Open the program, and click OK.

5. Open NetPumper. If everything’s followed correctly, the program will open as NetPumper – Banner Free.exe. There will be no more adware or spyware and the program will run as desired.


Please reply if you encounter any problems. In my week’s use of the program it has been top-notch and clean.