Deodorizing urine

September 30, 2010

I finally used up my Degree deodorant after quite some time. Aside from that, there was little that was memorable about today besides it being the last day of September.

I did attempt an experiment with the chalky remnants of the deo-stick, and allowed it to dissolve in the toilet basin (after I urinated in it). Since that deodorant had an antibacterial ingredient in it, I was wondering if it would be able to control the stench from the urine. Surprisingly, it was able to clear both the water and stifle the smell from the urine. While I didn’t have a boring day, it just wasn’t eventful at all.

I was able to talk to a friend I haven’t conversed with for some time, and that made me somewhat glad. Nothing much happened, however, but at least I now know that certain deodorants also work with urine (in certain conditions).


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