Quietude and Diffidence – Kitzo Hekotormos

October 16, 2010

While I was looking for another book to read in a used bookstore, I saw a dusty and old book with an interesting blurb. It reminded me of Endo Shusaku’s Silence. Kitzo Hekotormos is an unknown author: one would have a hard time looking for him in Google, but he’s a brilliant writer. Instead of dealing with the consequences of religious revolution during the samurai era, he dealt with their search for meaning in a world that thought of them as more and more useless. It wasn’t about the ethical or moral thing to do: the struggle became more basic – how can one live on?

I dismissed the cover for its gaudiness, but the book is one of the best novels I’ve ever read. It’s said that he’s only written two novels and two poems, but I should think Quietude and Diffidence is his best work.


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