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11292010: a self reminder

November 29, 2010

There are so many things I want to purchase. I have the money and the capability, but I must caution myself so as not to be like my older sister. Purchasing different merchandise is all right; however, it’s an excess of it that is detrimental to anyone. I already have seven books. I haven’t even finished one of them. I have more or less 20 games, and there’s only about five I often play. That’s not good. I buy for the sake of hoarding, not for the sake of using them. I should learn to control myself, so until I’ve read through at least five of the books that’s sent to me, I will most certainly avoid purchasing anything from eBay (unless it’s my dad’s book, of course).


Deodorizing urine

September 30, 2010

I finally used up my Degree deodorant after quite some time. Aside from that, there was little that was memorable about today besides it being the last day of September.

I did attempt an experiment with the chalky remnants of the deo-stick, and allowed it to dissolve in the toilet basin (after I urinated in it). Since that deodorant had an antibacterial ingredient in it, I was wondering if it would be able to control the stench from the urine. Surprisingly, it was able to clear both the water and stifle the smell from the urine. While I didn’t have a boring day, it just wasn’t eventful at all.

I was able to talk to a friend I haven’t conversed with for some time, and that made me somewhat glad. Nothing much happened, however, but at least I now know that certain deodorants also work with urine (in certain conditions).


On Phantom Lancer

September 29, 2010

I played only one hero in DotA for the past two days, and that hero is Azwraith, or the Phantom Lancer. His character design was based on Kimahri Ronso, a central character in the Final Fantasy X video game. He is a hero designed to win games late: that is, after the casters lose most of their viability and power when everyone has toughened up. He is an image hero, and like most image heroes, sucks during the early game but eats enemy heroes during late game.

While I have had good games with him I have not yet experienced dominating the entire enemy team although I have been quite close to doing so in all of the matches I have played with him. It’s either my team lost the game, and being overpowered doesn’t matter with idiots for teammates, or the game has already ended, with shades of my domination very imminent. He is an enjoyable hero to use, and with good teammates, very difficult to play against: his images perform two roles, after all, which are to dissemble opponents unto their deaths and to push like crazy.


On central obesity

September 29, 2010

I don’t think I should write poorly, even if I am only writing to myself.

With that said, I shall attempt to write my reflections with more cogency and cohesion, starting with this post.

I don’t think I gained a significant amount of weight, but I do feel that I have enlarged my girth with my ill-disciplined diet: my nighttime diet usually consists of processed and junk foods, so it comes as no surprise that I’m slowly becoming centrally obese. I don’t like it, and I have taken steps to get my stomach back to fine form, but the time just isn’t conducive for a regimented exercise routine: this week features four exams just by itself, for example.

It is only going to get worse by next week, because it will be our last week for lectures, and exams for the different subjects will probably come out left and right. Since I will have another exam tomorrow morning, and since our group discussion session ended relatively late, I decided against jogging today. If we could end our DotA session relatively early tomorrow (since we won’t have any classes from 3-5 in the afternoon, if the schedule is followed), I think I will entertain jogging for about 30 minutes or two kilometers (whichever comes first). I had already started my HIIT running exercises about two weeks ago, but I failed to continue it after two sessions due to laziness. While I can probably do two sessions a week at best, I’ll try to compensate this lack with a more standard jogging routine. It probably won’t decrease the fat accumulation on my stomach significantly, but it will at least help me trim it down a bit.

I have no problem fitting into my pants or even moving around in my shirts: I just don’t want to look malnourished, and I believe that a little discipline with regard to exercise will go a long way to promoting the quality of my life. I’m currently drinking a cup of green tea right now to counteract the amount of junk I took in my body. Every little bit helps, I guess.


Coleco Bowlatronic should be my last vintage video game of the year [1]

September 29, 2010

I stopped shopping for vintage video games for more than a week now.  I think that’s a personal achievement, although I’ve done it before. All I have to do now is keep on avoiding the vintage video games section of eBay and I’ll be able to save more money in the process. I would have to follow up my queries on the Super Micro, however, but probably in about two weeks’ time, so that Rik can recognize that I’ve been patient enough about the items but am still interested in them.

Should I just ask him right now? That would make me seem too impatient, something I don’t want to entertain.


The eBay menace [1]

September 19, 2010

All it took was a slip, and the soapbar fell into the urine-filled depths of the toilet bowl. It was the last, purportedly heavy-duty soap I had on me, and was probably one of the last I could purchase locally. I was at first filled with disappointment of having wasted perfectly good soap but was quickly pleased with the idea that its eventual melting would sanitize the bacteria in that puddle. At the very least, it would reduce the amount of filth in my excreta, so I didn’t mind as much.

As I wondered what I wanted to do that day, my mind wandered to two things that I often did: I’d check up on newly listed items on eBay, and then wallow in self-pity for some of the items I desire but could not obtain, or I would play DotA. I always thought playing DotA would limit my eBay visits, but they complement each other very well, and I’m left with two addictions instead of one. Frankly, I don’t really mind as much. I’ve been able to stop going on eBay if I really desired to, so it’s not an addiction per se. It’s just another one of the things that help me bide my time. I could start reading, but reading tires me these times. There’s too much reading to be done with medicine and it just eventually grates on one to the extent that he is averse to even the reading he loved so much a few years back. Every free second of one’s free time is often dedicated to enjoyment, especially if one is like me.

Having said that, I truly wonder whether the shipping for that TV Tennis game is 30 USD. It just seems to big to ship for only 30 dollars, although I would willingly bid on it (having about 4000 as stock money here) if the price doesn’t go so high and the shipping isn’t prohibitive. I believe I need to let go on my desire for the Light Games Projection System, even if it’s a complete lot because I am expecting myself to be unable to spend for it. I’m convincing myself that a lot of people are going to be interested in it, because I don’t want to heighten my expectations only for these to be shot down at the end: I’ve been doing that a lot here in medicine, and I’ve only kept on frustrating myself.

Sometimes, one’s best just isn’t good enough, and I am being reminded of that fact every time I am faced with classmates passionate about the subject and extremely diligent at it, too.  I think that it is a valid reason not to pay for the item and cancel the transaction should the shipping cost a lot more than the price quoted. As long as I don’t delete the email exchange I will have enough evidence to prevent the transaction from its completion: 30 USD is already quite a sum for shipping expenses, but more than that would be extreme, at least for me. While I do plan on purchasing vintage video games, I always try to recall my financial and personal limitations and not go past them: folly is the only outcome otherwise.

Folly has already been the outcome with my purchases. I have never regretted any purchase I have made, although I would want to spend the money on more fruitful endeavors on retrospect. Other than that, however, I still want to obtain that Bowlatronic game by Coleco, even though I’m not as interested anymore.

Whew. That was a great catharsis. I feel much better now.


Wastrel ~ Tomy Racetrack edition

September 17, 2010

I wonder when I will stop going on eBay. I mean, I haven’t spent much these past few weeks (about 1,500 from my savings), but I’m thinking about getting the Tomy Racetrack game just because it’s vintage and it looks cool. I guess I plan to spend about 1700 maximum from my savings for that item, in addition to the possible ~950 I’m probably going to spend with the Bowlatronic game. That’s going to leave about 900 for my savings!

I need to stop spending on vintage video games.